Our Projects

Project One - Website
This SEO friendly site was created for Retail SGI, a Retail Marketing Company. The site needed to be easy to navigate, include all necessary information, while maintaining it's visual appeal and above all be functional.

Project Two - Website
Site created for Two of a Kind Limousines. They needed to focus on their biggest clientele - Brides and their weddings. The main page needed to indicate all their services as well as highlight some of their limos and popular 'people carriers'. Here I used high resolution images combined with a solid corporate colour scheme.

Project Three - Website
Playful colour was the order for Kidz Kare. This innovative day care centre required a site that would be friendly, appealing to both children and adults and still maintain a a corporate business feel. Here I used many friendly and multicultural images to fill out the site. This SEO friendly site also allows the user to book tours and submit requests for further information about the company via the site.

Project Four - Website
This dramatically contrasting site was designed for a local up and coming singer actress. It features rich media including movie clips, YouTube links as well as audio files that feature her singing and voiceover talents. This client also made extensive use of social media links.

Project Five - eMail Newsletter
Designed to be noticed and coded for effectiveness when mailed out. Layout also allows for a great deal of information conveyed to perspective clients.

Project Six - eMail Newsletter
This letter was created for a credit card securities client. Hi-res images, and effective use of colour and background image give this letter the tone and business feel required by the client.