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Relationship Based Training

Dog Training

Please call the store or drop by to sign up! The cost is only $150 for 6 weeks of professional training. You will see the results within the first week!

Nicole Sieber is a professional dog trainer based out of Richmond Hill, ON and owner of Learn With Levi Dog Training.  She has owned dogs big and small, for over 16 years, and currently works alongside her little buddy Levi the Norfolk Terrier.
In the span of her career, Nicole has trained over 500 dogs including every breed imaginable, helping dogs and their families come to understand each other better through a philosophy known as Relationship Based Training.  Relationship Based Training puts the emphasis on communication, understanding and the bond between dogs and people to help prevent and address problematic behaviours using techniques that are effective, humane, and fun on both ends of the leash. Relationship Based Training uses absolutely no pain, fear or intimidation tactics and instead focuses on mutual trust and respect to achieve reliable behaviours.

Level 1 – 6 weeks

For dogs and puppies with no previous formal training.

In this course, owners are taught to understand how dogs learn, how to motivate them to do the things we want them to do, and how to handle it when they don’t.  All behavioural issues associated with having a new dog are tackled one by one and basic cues are taught.

Topics covered:  Potty training, dos and dont’s of crate training, preventing problematic behaviours, controlling destructive chewing, sit, lie down, stay, come, walking without pulling, leave it, take it, drop it, focus, handling skills, and more.


Level 2 – 6 weeks

For dogs and puppies with previous Level 1 training or comparable skills.

In this course, dogs are given the skills necessary to focus and comply with instructions in realistic situations that they may encounter regularly. Previously learned behaviours are expanded upon to improve accuracy, such as proofing recall in highly stimulating environments, and solidifying stays under heavy distraction.  Additionally, a new set of behaviours are introduced.

Topics covered:  Come from a distance with distractions, stay while other dogs pass by, automatic leave it, formal heel, introduction to off-leash reliability, stay back from the door, back up, spin, roll over, crawl, and more.


Level 3 – 6 weeks

For dogs previous Level 2 training or comparable skills.

In this course, families learn to read their dog’s body language in order to predict and control behaviour.  Dogs are taught default behaviours for situations to know what is expected without being given a cue.  Owners learn to keep their dog’s attention under distraction without external motivators.  Off-leash reliability is expanded upon.

Topics covered:  On your mat, impulse control, politely greeting off-leash dogs, checking in with owners during play, targeting, weaving through legs, wave, take a bow, speak, quiet, boundary training, and more.

Dogs should have all age appropriate vaccines, and attend wearing a flat collar or body harness attached to a 4-6 ft. fixed nylon or leather leash.  Absolutely NO choke chains, prong collars, e-collars, or retractable leashes.  Please bring your own bite sized training treats and arrive wearing comfortable shoes.  Please allow your dog to relieve themselves outside and refrain from allowing your dog to fraternize with other dogs in the course prior to the start of class.